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Keawanui Fishpond Updates 7/16/21

Now that we have regular food production happening on site at Keawanui, we have new problems to find solutions for: pigs and deer! Prior to our team clearing this area for agricultural work, the site was covered in invasive species that pigs and deer stayed clear of. Now that we have food growing at Keawanui, more animals are visiting and eating crops.

Our kia'i have started to build wild pig traps to lure pua'a away from our farm areas. However, fencing will be needed for long term protection of our crops. A big part of doing restoration and rebuilding food systems is working alongside the environment you enter.

On Molokaʻi, these animals are also food resources and we must seek solutions that protect all aspects of the food system on island. The decisions we make must be holistic. In every choice, we must consider the long term effects just as our kūpuna did.

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