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Upon the rightful restoration of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi in 1843, King Kauikeaoli proclaimed, Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono. These words remain true in the hearts of all poʻe aloha ʻāina today, as we fight for our rights to self governance and our emancipation from mental slavery. Ea is literally the breath of our lāhui and ʻĀina Momona recognizes the immense need to restore ea in the lungs of our ʻāina and our people. ʻĀina Momona is committed to support the fight for ea as we advocate for social justice and move towards models of self governance that are grounded in what is pono. E ea nō ka lāhui! Let the people rise up!

Social Justice

Aina Momona promotes social justice and sovereignty through advocating on critical issues relate to indigenous rights and natural resources.
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Intellectual Property

Native Hawaiians, like many indigenous groups around the world, are innovators who have contributed significant scientific and cultural works to a global cache of knowledge. For decades, people and corporations have pirated the works for Hawaiians. ‘Āina Momona works in concert with numerous groups to protect the intellectual property and cultural works of native peoples. 

On October 3-5, 2003, Kanaka Maoli of Ka Pae ‘Āina Hawai‘i gathered at Ka ‘Aha Pono - Native Hawaiian Intellectural Property Rights Conference - and united to express our collective right of self-determination to perpetuate our culture under threat of theft and commercialization of the traditional knowledge of Kanaka Maoli, our wahi pana and nā mea Hawai‘i."

The resulting document was the Paoakalani Declaration. Click on the image to read the document in full.

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