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Sign On: White House Ocean Justice Strategy Under Attack

The oceans cover over 70% of our planet, offering sustenance, transportation, and recreation. They're an essential part of our global ecosystem. But, like many aspects of our world, they're at the intersection of environmental justice and human rights.

For the first time, the White House is taking a bold step to ensure this balance: it's in the process of crafting its inaugural Ocean Justice Strategy. This strategy aims to introduce fair practices that not only safeguard but also promote the health, safety, and prosperity of our coastal communities.

The Ocean Justice Strategy is more than just a document; it's a commitment. It embodies a pledge to guarantee equitable access, and fair management and use of our oceans, coasts, and even the Great Lakes. Such groundbreaking efforts did not materialize overnight. In reality, they are the result of years of tireless grassroots campaigns, driven by a mission to include the voices and perspectives of BIPOC and other marginalized groups in ocean policy and management dialogues.

But every bold move faces resistance. The Ocean Justice Strategy is now under siege. Amendments, chiefly proposed by House Republicans, are in motion to halt funding for this vital initiative. As these political battles unfold, our coastal communities face immediate threats.

The ramifications of climate change — rising sea levels, intensifying storms, and escalating ocean acidity — disproportionately impact these communities. Their very culture, tangible communities, and food security are in jeopardy. For those who rely heavily on the natural environment, the adverse effects of climate change not only disrupt daily life but can devastate entire ways of life. The intricate challenges brought about by climate change make the pursuit of ocean justice both increasingly urgent and multifaceted.

In this pressing moment, your voice can make a difference. We urge you to stand alongside the Ocean Conservancy and Ocean Defense Initiative. Together, let's rally against the proposed amendments that threaten to impede federal agencies from tackling the imminent climate crisis. Your signature, your voice, can champion ocean justice and safeguard our coastal communities. Join us.

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