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Luluku Update

In addition to our land base in Ka‘amola, Molokai, Āina Momona also supports the restoration and stewardship of several parcels in Luluku, Oahu, led by our partners the Aloha Āina Health and Learning Center (AAHLC). AAHLC provides hands-on family education and enrichment through mālama ʻāina, caring for the land. In particular, our team works to restore a large complex of loʻi kalo terraces that were initially divided by the construction of the Likelike Highway. Large portions of the agricultural complex were further impacted by the construction of the Interstate H-3 and are now located within the Kāne‘ohe Interchange loop. For decades, the site has been left inaccessible by the public, despite being an important cultural and subsistence resource. 

By restoring native plants and perpetuating Hawaiian agricultural practices in this area, our team at AAHLC revitalizes an important aspect of Hawaiian culture that brings greater health to our land and communities. 

This month our team did several events to work directly with Koolaupoko community members and connect them to this land and its hana. Pū‘ōhala Elementary School, RYSE Olomana, Mokapu Elementary School, and Kāneohe Elementary School all came on site several days to assist with restoration of lo‘i kalo, learn about traditional agriculture, and prepare and eat ‘ai pono from the land. This month Kāneohe Elementary’s 3rd grade class tested their STEM project on site, which was creating a water wheel design in our streams.  

On Friday, April 26, 2024, AAHLC hosted the final of three Luluku Nights with the Kapunahala ‘ohana, where they taught families how to make traditional foods. Learning the mechanics of making and cooking with an imu, our ohana participants made luau stew with kālua meat, hoio salad, kalo hash, and paiai. Mahalo nui to our amazing community members for supporting our programs and efforts! 

If you would like to donate to or community led efforts in Luluku, please follow this link:

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