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Keawanui Fishpond Updates 8/25/22

ʻĀina Momona's land base is Keawanui Fishpond and Cultural Learning Site in the Kaʻamola land section of Molokaʻi.

Keawanui is a 55-acre, loko kuapā (closed wall fishpond) on the south shore of the island, where there were once dozens of thriving loko iʻa.

Due to the ongoing effects of colonization, land development, and climate change there are few fishponds in Hawaiʻi today that are still operable, though many in the community are working to revitalize these crucial, mariculture practices.

Our executive director, Walter Ritte, has spent over 25 years working to restore loko iʻa (Hawaiian fishponds) and has spent decades at Keawanui educating the community on the value and ingenuity of these systems. As we work towards building a sustainable, climate change resistant future in Hawaiʻi, the traditional loko iʻa system will be a vital part of local food production efforts and crucial to our survival as kānaka. It is paramount that we revitalize and reinvigorate these practices to create a just, equitable, and pono future.

Mahalo @repkahele for your support of our work!

To learn more about our work, please explore our website, sign up for our newsletter and donate to our cause! Mahalo ✊🏽

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