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Keawanui Fishpond Updates 11/8/21

This past week at Keawanui Fishpond, the students of @rootedkmka along with our kiaʻi had the opportunity to blend traditional and modern science.

Within the walls of the centuries-old fishpond, our students got to learn about and operate an underwater drone capable of taking thousands of underwater photos to survey and recreate 3D models of our reef.

Our students also assisted our kiaʻi loko (fishpond protectors) in dissecting an ʻoio harvested to monitor food intake.

Each student jotted down notes in a kilo log about what they observed.

Last but not least, our kiaʻi celebrated the completion of their mangrove removal project after a month of cutting in knee-deep mud.

To learn more about the work we do, please visit our website

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