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Keawanui Fishpond Updates 11/19/22

Our goal and vision is "‘Āina Momona". Today feels a lot more like "‘Āina ‘eha‘eha." When we say erosion is one of the greatest threats to Hawai‘i's natural and cultural resources- this is what we mean.

This is Keawanui Fishpond and Cultural Learning Center after 2 hours of heavy rainfall on Nov. 18th. As bad as this looks, our erosion mitigation efforts kept away a significant portion of the mud mauka of our site. Days like today remind us why we need to continue our efforts and why we must act quickly. If we don't restore these areas now, this is the future of "paradise". Welcome to Ka‘amola, 2022. This hewa hurts us all, but we will NEVER stop fighting against this devastation. We will NEVER stop loving this land. A hiki i ke aloha ‘āina hope loa.

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