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How Your Vacation Impacts Hawaii

As an island community with limited health resources, an influx of visitors threatens our health system and community wellbeing.

To date, Hawaiʻi is experiencing the highest rates of COVID infections since the start of the pandemic

Several islands are experiencing a depletion of vital resources. A problem that tourism amplifies.

Here are some ways that you can help

1. Stop romanticizing Hawaiʻi

  • Stop going around our islands making TikToks and Instagram posts about your exotic getaway that continues the touristy narrative of Hawaiʻi.

  • Please respect the land, our people and our wildlife.

  • Stop coming to Hawaiʻi in the middle of a pandemic

2. Start education yourself on Hawaiian History and Culture

  • Did you know that Hawaiʻi was once a thriving independent nation that was illegally overthrown by American Businessmen who imprisoned our queen and contributed to the near extinction of our language, culture and people?

  • Though this history is not taught in school, it is very important for you to learn now. Our people and culture depend on it.

Here are resources for you to begin:

3. Start Supporting Hawaiian Causes

  • Whether it's Native Hawaiian businesses, Hawaiian nonprofit organizations, petitions, donating to a cause, or even following and sharing Hawaiian social media content, there are so many ways you can help us.

  • The following are Native Hawaiian creator accounts on Instagram and TikTok

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