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HB-499 ʻĀina Momona Response

By refusing to veto HB 499, Governor Ige has unjustly extended 65-year leases for stolen lands. He has shown once again that profit matters more than people, particularly the Indigenous People of this ʻāina. Hewa! This move adds to the erasure of the Native Hawaiian community and further isolates us on our own lands. We cannot stand for such clear-cut land grabs. We need elected leaders to remember there is no Hawaiʻi without Hawaiians.

What is HB499?

Hawaiʻi Bill 499 authorizes the board of land and natural resources to extend certain leases of public lands for the commercial, industrial, resort, mixed-use, or government use upon approval of a proposed development agreement to make substantial improvements to the existing improvements. (CD1)

How does HB 499’s approval impact the Native Hawaiian community?

  • It deepens and lengthens the suppression of kānaka

  • It strengthens the ongoing effects of colonization and racism against kānaka

  • It does not allow kānaka to protect their claims to the former Hawaiian kingdom government and crown lands

  • It will authorize continuous and uninterrupted private leasehold interests in public and ceded lands for up to 100 years

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