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Haunani Kay-Trask

A Native Hawaiian professor, poet, author, leader of social and political justice, and human rights organizer, many know Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask for her unyeliding commitment to Hawai’i's land and Native people. Professor Trask descends from a long line of Native orators. Her grandfather, a Hawai’i territorial senator and her father, a lawyer and advocate for Hawaiians, were among the political figures known for their speechmaking and political contributions toward securing Native land rights in Hawai’i. Today, Professor Trask is widely considered an authority on Hawaiian political issues, as well as an internationally-known Indigenous human rights advocate. Her work has played an integral role in elevating our community and pushing us into leadership roles. She remains an important symbol of Hawaiian pride and leadership.


The Aloha Industry: For Hawaiian women, tourism is not a neutral industry

December 1992

Feminism and Indigenous Hawaiian Nationalism


Settlers of Color and "Immigrant" Hegemony: "Locals" in Hawai'i


Caucasians are haole

Nov 15, 2002

Pro, con articles on Akaka bill fail to address land issues

May 2, 2004


Eros and Power: The Promise of Feminist Theory

July 1, 1986

From a Native Daughter


Light in the Crevice Never Seen

January 1, 1999

Night is a Sharkskin Drum

July 31, 2002

Kue: Thirty Years of Land Struggle in Hawaii

November 11, 2004


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