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George Helm

George Jarrett Helm Jr., (March 23, 1950 – March 7, 1977)was a Native Hawaiian aloha ʻāina activist, musician and hero from Kalamaʻula Molokai. A talented vocalist and keen philosopher, George Helm developed many ideas of Hawaiian Sovereignty that continue to inspire and lead our community today. George began his grassroots activism with the Molokai-based group Hui Alaloa in 1975, joining several community activists in their fight to develop and maintain Native Hawaiian access rights. Alongside our executive director Walter Ritte, Tutu George became deeply involved in the Protect Kahoʻolawe ʻOhana, an organization of Native Hawaiians that sought to end the bombing and military control of the island Kahoʻolawe. In 1976, George and eight others occupied the island in an effort to end the mistreatment of Kahoʻolawe. These individuals, named the "Kahoʻolawe Nine" were George Helm, Walter Ritte, Emmett Aluli, Gail Kawaipuna Prejean, Stephen K. Morse, Kimo Aluli, Ellen Miles, Ian Lind, and Karla Villalba of the Puyallup/Muckleshoot tribe. As the battle to protect Kahoʻolawe continued, George Helm proved himself to be a powerful leader and orator, appealing to the Hawaii State Legislature and U.S. Congress to end the target practice and return Kahoʻolawe to the Hawaiian people.


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Helm and Hu sub at Tavern

January 8, 1975

Helm, Ritte blast offer to sell Lanai

January 29, 1977

Kahoolawe ʻInvadedʻ in Protest of Bombings

January 31, 1977​

5 Men’s Trip Described as ʻNecessaryʻ

February 1, 1977

46 Searchers Comb Kahoolawe for Pair

February 4, 1977

Suit Filed on Kahoolawe

February 10, 1977

Akaka Hears Kahoolawe ʻOhana Concerns

February 18, 1977

A Tale of Two Target Islands

February 24, 1977


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