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AANHPI Films To Watch in 2024

Happy AANHPI Month! Check out these Native Hawaiian films below:

Hae Hawai‘i

After the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, loyalists to the crown protect what is left of their dissolving kingdom. They recruit a young thief to safeguard the unifying symbol of the people.

Standing Above the Clouds

Three intergenerational Indigenous Hawaiian families seek to protect their native land and sacred mountain, the towering inactive volcano Mauna Kea, from the construction of the world’s largest telescope.

You can watch the 15-minute documentary here:

To learn more about their upcoming screenings, please visit their site here:

The Wind and the Reckoning

When a local cowboy named Ko’olau and his young son Kalei contract Leoperasy, they refuse to allow their family to be separated. This film is based on real-life historical events as told through the memoirs of Pi'ilani herself. The film is not available for purchase at this time.


Aikāne is a universal queer love story rooted in native Hawaiian Tradition. The short film follows two queer lovers — a warrior and his shape-shifting advisor — as they battle colonial evil. 


Watch the short film about the extraordinary beings of dual male and female spirits who brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawai‘i and imbued their powers in four giant boulders. 

Pa‘a Ke Aupuni

Paʻa Ke Aupuni is a unique 60-minute hand- drawn, animated film that gets straight to the point. It zooms in on key facts explaining how the Hawaiian Kingdom came to be, how it evolved to stand firmly on the international world stage of sovereign nations, and how the United States came to claim Hawai‘i.

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