A lāhui committed to creating a sustainable Hawaiʻi
‘Āina Momona (Hawaiian for the fertile or rich land) is a community organization dedicated to achieving environmental health and sustainability through restoring social justice and Hawaiian sovereignty.   
ʻĀina Momona's land base is Keawanui Fishpond and Cultural Learning Site in the Kaʻamola land section of Molokaʻi. Keawanui is a 55-acre, loko kuapā (closed wall fishpond) on the south shore of the island, where there were once dozens of thriving loko iʻa.

Every purchase goes towards ʻĀina Momona’s equipment needs to continue our regenerative agriculture work!
‘Āina Momona has four primary program areas that the organization focuses on: ‘Āina (land and environmental health), ‘Ai (food and agriculture), Wai (water) and Ea (sovereign, resistance and social justice). 





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A weekly series dedicated to Hawaiian leaders, community members and activists who have paved the way for the future generation of kanaka.
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